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Scavenged | 2013 | Kittredge Gallery

[watch video] This installation was inspired by specimens in the Slater Museum of Natural History.  I am fascinated by how birds collect a variety of materials and bring them together to make nests. In “Scavenged” I explore how knowledge can be re-purposed; I turn text into objects, objects into shelters, and shelters into text by […]

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Collective | 2012 | Anderson University Center, PLU

[watch video] My “Collective”installation is site-responsive to the Anderson University  Center at Pacific Lutheran University which is a hub of connections and activity, a place where paths cross. For this installation I took inspiration from honeycomb structures, which evoke networks of connections, multiple strands, a coming together and diverging. Honeycombs also define space, emptiness, voids, and […]

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Inhabit | 2012 | Gallery @ the Jupiter

“Inhabit” is an installation that is site-responsive to the Jupiter Hotel. I am responding to structures that take hold temporarily in nature and ideas that temporarily inhabit the mind. I invite viewers to explore the making of a temporary home–a place of shelter to live and be present in, to make one’s own temporary space. […]

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Link | 2011 | Tollefson Plaza

“Link” installation by Holly A. Senn, Janet Marcavage, and Bret Lyon as part of Public Art: In Depth (PA:ID). It is a site-responsive installation honoring the history of the Prairie Line rail road. Current day Tollefson Plaza overlooks the place where the Prairie Line of the Union Pacific Rail Railroad and the Great Northern Railroad […]

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Composites | 2011 | Spaceworks Tacoma

For the “Composites” installation, individual sculptures of plant parts, made from discarded library book pages, were combined with plant images—they are separate but distinct and call attention to one another. Tacoma’s farmers market brings a composite of plants, people, and ideas to Broadway. Separate and distinct, they converge to become one marketplace. Ideas are the […]

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Re-Present | 2010 | Spaceworks Tacoma

“Re-Present” was a temporary installation of Spaceworks Tacoma. At this site, the windows mirror the Pantages Theater across the street (the block that the theater now occupies was once the site of, among other things, Tacoma’s first library). Theaters present the ideas of playwrights, composers and choreographers–later generations recompose or reenact some of those performances. […]

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Cover | 2010 | Doppler PDX

“Cover” was a temporary installation that was site-responsive to Doppler PDX’s location on a street covered by hardscape. I created a landscape inside that juxtaposes the exterior visible elements of binding and protection with more elusive interior elements such as memory, discovery, and escape. Date: May 6 – 22, 2010 Location: Doppler PDX, Portland, Oregon

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Tale | 2009 | 23 Sandy Gallery

“Tale” was a temporary installation responsive to the Portland gallery’s location on a tree-lined street. Narratives of real or imagined events create living landscapes of time and place. The trees’ enlarged seeds invite us to consider how tales unfold, grow, and ultimately alter our thoughts. Date: September 9, 2009 – September 26, 2009 Location: 23 […]

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Windows on Nature & Knowledge | 2009 | Brooklyn Public Library

“Windows on Nature & Knowledge” was a temporary installation site-responsive to both the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Public Library. In this installation, sculptures made from discarded library book pages are combined with scenes from Brooklyn Botanic Garden (located adjacent to Brooklyn Public Library), evoking life cycles and blurring the line between the intellectual […]

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Dispersed | 2009 | Pacific Lutheran University Gallery

“Dispersed” was a temporary installation with collaborator Kyle Dillehay exploring a mutual interest in life cycles, seeds and dispersal mechanisms and their relation to knowledge and life.  Each specimen is isolated and raised for visual scrutiny.  The pods sway in space as if moved by the wind, capturing their dispersive nature.  At the same time […]

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(un)written | 2008 | Collins Memorial Library

Libraries exhibit curated collections: choices are made about what, where, and how to display the collection. In my “(un)written” installation thoughts are excavated and displayed for curiosity and study. Ideas germinate, like seeds, from the piecing together and dismantling of a variety of source material. Date: October 1 30, 2008 Location: Collins Memorial Library, University […]

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Textural | 2007 | Center on Contemporary Art – Belltown

“Textural,” a site-specific installation, challenges viewers traversing an urban landscape to contemplate the life of the mind. Senn uses pages from discarded library books to create textures; the abstract forms are metaphors for the ways in which we gather and experience knowledge — the organic, non-linear process in which thoughts have a genesis and then […]

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Enchanted Forest of the Mind | 2006 | Tacoma Community College

  My work is about the lifecycle of ideas–following the circular path from origin to discussion, documentation in a text format, dissemination, and storage, to the resulting growth of a network of ideas, and then the return to the original idea (which may be refuted, discarded or sanctified). I use discarded library books and discarded […]

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Volumes Reconfigured | 2006 | Art on Center Gallery

    The dual meanings of the term “volumes” are intertwined in the installation “Volumes Reconfigured”—books have been reconfigured into bulk forms. Senn combines organic forms of the natural world with the structured, intellectual world of books and text. “By combining these worlds,” Senn explains, “I investigate questions about the life cycle of books and […]

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Lost Libraries, Lost Memory | 2005 | Mortvedt Library

  This art work seeks to expose the number of very recent lost libraries. The books, journals and manuscripts collected and circulated by libraries enable ideas to be exchanged, and thus lead to new lines of inquiry. As institutions, libraries protect and promote thoughts, memories and cultures. While the destruction of the library in Alexandria, […]

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Forbidden | 2005 | Tacoma Contemporary

Although viewers are free to make any associations they choose, “Forbidden” is an installation that gnaws at the notion that destroying books, specifically library books, is forbidden. And yet, while books, in concept, may generate ideas, I’m exploring the question, “What would those ideas really look like?” And in order to show the three-dimensional “fruit” […]

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