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Tacoma Weekly review of Stump Stasis

Here’s the link to Dave R. Davidson's Tacoma Weekly review of my Stump Stasis video, "Holly Senn Stumps the Chumps with Tollbooth Video Installation." An excerpt from the review: "Senn’s video is eye-opening and refreshing. It is vital to have someone remind us to pay attention to the visual splendor and the drama that is always around us."

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Stump Stasis Video

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When a huge tree stump washed up on the Tacoma waterfront I became fascinated with both the object and its environment. The stump is over five feet tall and, depending upon the light, the color ranges from golden to ash. The root structure and the trunk are a juxtaposition of crevices and smoothness. The landscape and seascape surrounding the stump provide their own narrative of change.

My video Stump Stasis documents the equilibrium of the stump and Commencement Bay over several years—how the stump and the environment change and do not change. This film creates a contemplative space for viewers to consider relationships between forms and landscapes.

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New Video for Scavenged Installation

Here is my new video [click on the image to go to video] that highlights the inspiration for and works created in my installation "Scavenged" that was exhibited at Kittredge Gallery Oct. 7 to Nov. 9, 2013. "Scavenged" was inspired by birds' nest specimens in the Slater Museum of Natural History. To see more images and to read more about it, see

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Art+Science Talk

Here is a video [click on the image] that highlights my talk at the Art+Science Salon on Feb. 21, 2013 at the Tacoma Art Museum that explains how my art is related to science (through investigation, experimentation, transformation, & convergence).

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