What I’m Working On

Environment and Learning project website:

Lately I’ve fielded a lot of questions about what I’m working on, so here is an update: While I’ve been studying barnacles in preparation for creating a new series of sculptures, I’ve been devoting the bulk of my time to taking photographs, and setting up the website, for the Environment and Learning project. As part of the project I’ve been taking photographs of the Tacoma waterfront. Soon I’ll be traveling to New York City to take photos of the High Line and to Japan to take photos of art installations on islands in the Seto Island Sea.

The Environment and Learning project explores how informal learning environments support, or do not support, learning about the collaborative interaction of “nature” and “culture,” by looking at industrial sites that have been re-envisioned and transformed into landscapes intentionally integrated with art.

I’ve taken photos of the Tacoma waterfront for years, and made a video about a stump on the waterfront, but during the course of working on this project I’ve realized that I haven’t paid attention to many views and details. So it has been a fun challenge to capture new images of a landscape I know well and to notice details I have overlooked.

You can receive updates about the project (approx. 1 per week) by subscribing on the project’s home page.

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